Shipping and Returns

Return Policy for Products after Delivery (Only in case of defective, damage and dead on arrival)

  1. Any Product purchased from the Website can be returned to the Company only if the Product supplied by the Company is damaged/defective or dead on arrival.
  2. User is requested to call on our customer care “00971-800800800/0124-6545696/6524056 or (Prefix with State STD code) 39404040” for any help related to Installation/demo of the product once delivery is made to him.
  3. The User shall ensure that he/she does not accept the delivery of any Product whose original packaging is damaged or tampered in any manner.
  4. Users are requested to put remarks on the receipt of delivery if they observe any dent/marks/damages over the box of the product.
  5. In the event if User, on removing the packaging of the Product, finds the Product is damaged and/or defective/not working, User shall immediately intimate the Company’s Customer Care Centre about such damage and/or defect and/ or difference and the Company shall arrange for the replacement of the Product or refund of price of the Product along with shipping charges, if any, collected by the Company in the unlikely event of the Company being unable to replace the damaged and/or defective Product.
  6. If any damage occurs while taking the product from delivery location to some other place, it will not be covered under replacement/damage policy. If the user wants Videocon will provide repair service on chargeable basis
  7. Users are requested to intimate us at our customer care “0124-6545696/6524056” within 3 days from the delivery if user finds the Product is damaged and/or defective/dead on arrival before the successful installation of the product.
  8. In case of Cancellation (Return / Replacement) of order after delivery of the Product to User, the Company will arrange pick up of the Product to be returned. User will assist and cooperate fully to return the Product with its manuals, booklets, warranty card, accessories, freebies and packing materials or any other thing which were delivered to User along with the Product being returned. At the time of pickup, the User will be provided with acknowledgement of pick up by the Company Logistics Partner.
  9. Users are requested to ensure that product is in proper condition with original packaging intact for all the returns/replacements opted by the user.

Returns/Replacement/Refund Process

  1. In case User decides to get replacement of the Product due to certain defect in the Product as provided above, then the Company will arrange pick up of the Product to be exchanged/ replaced. However, User shall agree to assist and cooperate to return the Product with all its accessories, freebies, original packing materials and such declaration duly signed by User as may be suggested by Customer Service Centre while registering call for return/replacement.
  2. In case of any defect arising after delivery of the Product or after demo/installation of the Product as the case may be, such defects will be serviced by the respective manufacturer/brand in accordance with respective manufacturer's warranty terms.
  3. Replacement process will take 15-21 working days from the date of replacement order confirmation with subject to reverse pickup.